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ed templeton

News From April 2002

New am update

Nate Broussard has landed himself on Toy Machine!

His smooth style makes a great addition to the new toy machine am team of death.

Keep posted for more.
Posted April 26th, 2002 by the Ed
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Pheonix trip

This weekend Toy Machine and some people from Emerica shoes will be hitting Pheonix, AZ to skate.

But it's TOP SECRET so don't tell anybody.
Posted April 4th, 2002 by ed T.
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Fugazi Pilgramage

Ed Templeton and his wife just got back from a road trip to Texas to see thier favorite band, FUGAZI.

They toured with them for 3 days from Austin to Ft. Worth Texas.

If you ever get a chance to see Fugazi, do it. They are the best live band in the world.
Posted April 4th, 2002 by El-Bunghole
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