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News From February 2003

Sucking the Contest.

Ok, the Toy Machine team has gotten together and decided that they wanted to give away some of the new Sucking the Life videos, but how? And why would anyone want to win a lame Toy Machine video? So we decided to throw in a t-shirt to sweeten the deal. Without further's the deal...Send us your drawings of the Toy Machine team riders. Just the head and shoulders. Not the shampoo, but the drawings of the teams head and shoulders. No dandruff please. The top 10 winners get a free "Sucking the Life" tour video, a shirt and a good chance that your drawing will be used in a future Toy Machine ad.

Contest rules?

Send in drawings of any Toy Machine rider.

Send us drawings of their face, like a drivers license picture, head and shoulders only.

No skating drawings copied from magazines!

Please include your Name, Address, and shirt size.

Please do not send poop! Yessica does not like it very much.

Send to:
Sucking the Life video contest.
Toy Machine
2001 Commercial St.
San Diego, CA 92113

Don't forget the stamp dumbass.

Posted February 18th, 2003 by you know who
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Sucking the Life video.

Toy Machine is working on a new video! That's right boys and girls a new Toy Machine video. This one is a tour video that highlights the 2002 summer 'Sucking the Life' tour. Lots of BB guns, water guns and firecrackers will separate the footy of Toy Machine's skateboarding onslaught. Plans are to release it in March, and so the editing ensues. Featuring Ed Templeton, Diego Bucchieri, Austin Stephens, Caswell Berry, Josh Harmony, Billy Marks and Nate Broussard, its going to be gay in a happy way, not a sexual one. Available in March, 2003 in skateshops only!
Posted February 17th, 2003 by el ztaffo
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Busy, busy Caswell.

Caswell Berry is a very busy man these days. Hes leaving off to Australia in February for about a month, then of to Barcelona in the middle of March til the end of March, and then over to Hawaii. Dang! All of this travel is being brought to you by the Circa team. When is Caswell getting his own shoe!?
Posted February 17th, 2003 by Sect
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Ed Templeton and Peta2.

Ed Templeton is more than a pro skater and owner of Toy Machine. He is also a world-respected artist who has his shows in art galleries in Paris, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo. Ed draws most of the Toy Machine graphics.

Ed is also vegan. He is passionate about reducing animal suffering in any way he can. To help get the word out about synthetic shoes, Ed drew a sticker just for PETA. Go to and find out how you can get one for yourself.

Posted February 11th, 2003 by from the Peta2 website
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