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News From July 2003

Is Billy Marks turning pro?

Toy Machine is NOT going to Europe, and will be spending all of their time filming for their new video instead. The new video could also include footage from the last Toy Machine tour, "Berzerker.” The full length doesn’t have a title yet, or a release date, but it is expected to be out eventually. When it comes out.

Ed Templeton recently did a fashion shoot for Dazed and Confused magazine’s LA issue. Some of his artwork is also included in a book called "The Fourth Sex". Ed’s photo book, "the Golden Age of Neglect," is very rare since it sold out at retail.

The big Toy Machine news is of course that Billy Marks will be going pro in September, and we will be offering three Billy Marks pro boards at the trade show. Way to go Billy, you deserve it bra, congrats!

Posted July 21st, 2003 by el ztaffo
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Yum Teto website winner for June!!!!!

Bad BrAD! THe winner for this month, due to the lack of peeps checking their emails, every so often we have to come up with a clever little contest, this months contest benefitted and made fat the entire staff here at Tum Yeto command headquarters. The contest was chocolate (a fav amoung us lazy office workers), the peep whom sent in the most, wins! It was that simple. BrAD brought in 5 lbs of snickers, no kidding 5 lbs! We totally weighed it and everything, ya.

So BrAD from the home town of San Diego wins a Toy Machine package. He takes home one of the new Sucking the Life boards, the new 52mm sect wheels, a Down the Highway tee shirt, a Sucking the Life cap and a pair of Good skateboarding jeans. Congrats to BrAD.

Everyone here thanks you BrAD. My belly hurts! I'm full.

Posted July 8th, 2003 by the all mighty eelllztafffffffooo!
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