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News From January 2005

Matt Bennett Web-exclusive interview.

Matt Bennett is one of the weirdest kids I have ever met. I was asked to write an intro for his web interview, and all I can think about is, "what will Matt Bennett talk about?" So I am just as excited to read it as you are. If you want to understand more at

Also while you're on site. Enter to win a Good & Evil complete along with a copy of the vid.

Posted January 19th, 2005 by el ztaffo
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Middle Western 5

Go to and check out Toy Machine flow kid Rick Eusey and friend Steve Fauser, as they shred the westcoast in search of adventure and fun.

Click on the first video "middlewestern 5".

Rick and his friends all ride for Rise skateshop in Indiana, special thanks to FA Skates for hosting rad video clips and all it's efforts to promote skateboarding in the mid-west!

Posted January 17th, 2005 by el ztaffo
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Beautiful Losers art show

Come see Ed's art at the Beautiful Losers exhibit when it comes to the Orange County Museum of Art on February 6th. Click here for more info.
Posted January 5th, 2005 by art fag
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