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News From August 2014

Jordan Taylor Interviewed by a Loyal Pawn

A loyal pawn by name of Elijah Chandler reached out to the powers that be and inquired about conducting an interview with Monster Squad AM, Jordan Taylor. A few email exchanges later, Elijah and Jordan "Gordo" Taylor  bring you this exclusive interview to bloodsucking blog-a-sphere.

Elijah: How Is everything at New Balance Going And How Was the Boston Trip?

Jordan:Everything at NB is awesome, couldn't ask for a better group of people! The Boston/New York trip was epic, I really like the vibe over there and the spots are a bit more unique.

Who is your favorite bro to room with on a trip and how are NB trips, different than Toy trips or Brixton trips?

New Balance trips we usually get an apartment to stay at, so were all roomies I guess. NB trips might be a little more planned out on the production side of things but other than that they're really similar. Homies skating new spots together trying to get the best stuff we can while having the most fun we can.

What’s the story behind you living in LA and paying rent in Long Beach. Can I get some clarification on that?

Haha, well my girlfriend lives in LA so I kind of gradually started staying there more. I moved there in March officially.

What is the weirdest sponsorship you have been offered And what would be your dream sponsor?

Can't think of any crazy offers but my dream sponsor would have to be some sort of airline or Perrier...I'm addicted.

Photo: Aaron Smith

Some things that you do when you are not skating?

Girlfriend life, basketball, making short films with friends, movies and just lurk around for new stuff to skate. Doodling is pretty fun too.

What is the worst thing to be asked at a demo?

Who are you? Are you on flow? Where's Billy?

If you could put anybody on Toy or back on Toy, who would it be and why?

Brian Anderson, it could happen ha.

What would you be doing if you were not skating and what are your hobbies besides skating?

Movies are rad, something to do with movies could be cool.

I like making short films with my friends, acting is really fun! Playing professional basketball, but I just can't seem to dunk.

Untitled from Cameron Holland on Vimeo.

Jordan's Night from Cameron Holland on Vimeo.

What is the story behind your Insta name 90’s Gordo and what are the favorite foods that make it supposedly Gordo?

Some friends started a hashtag for me before I had Instagram and called it 90sgordo cause I like the 90s. And I think Gordo started from Gordan and maybe cause I'm always hungry.

Do you have any crazy Ed stories so far, and what is your favorite Big Pink story/experience?

I wish I had a crazy Ed story and everything's a story with Big Pink!

Who is in the Snacking Krüe?

I'm not familiar with the Snacking Krüe but it sounds right up my alley and I want in! I snack pretty hard though maybe I'm already in.

Where are some of your favorite places you have traveled skating wise and non-skating wise?

East coast rules! I think I want to live there at some point.

Quiver or just one setup? Popsicles or shaped and what do you ride?

I think my quiver is at three, its a solid start. Popsicles depending on the flavor I'm more of an ice cream man myself. I skate an 8.375 bareback wood.

Are you filming for any video parts at the moment and if so do you like what you have gotten so far?

I'm working on a solo part Toy Machine style right now. I have a solid start and a lot of things I wanna do, so I'm hyped!

What are some of your favorite musicians and what is your current top 5 most played jams?

Hmmm that's always a tough one. Talking Heads, Morrissey, New Order I've been feeling Bob Marley lately too

1. Morrissey, "Certain People I Know"

2. Talking Heads, "Memories Can't Wait"

3. Bob Marley, "Punky Reggae Party"

4. T. Rex, "Dreamy Lady"

5. Morrissey, "Action is My Middle Name."

Can You Explain your love for the Celtics being a southern California kid, what inspired the east coast love and who is your favorite player?

Well my parents are from Boston. My Dad is a die hard everything Boston fan so I guess he kinda brainwashed me. Considering they lost Pierce and KG who were my favorites I'd go Rondo, Jeff Green or Avery Bradley.

Last but not least who would you like to thank? And thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions.

Thank you for wanting to interview me!

Interview: Elijah Chandler
Posted August 25th, 2014
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New Toy Machine Decks!!

Witness the new bloodsucking board series created by your benevolent overlord, Ed Templeton.

Illicit sampling of Matt Bennett's narco hitting the streets, cooked amongst this new board series dropping soon. Get injected with Toy Machine.

This sect woman of the night may or may not utilize her body for monetary gain.

Ha ha ha, the ultimate YOLO. This will show those kids at school who bully me; my death will be their fault. I should have got addicted to #toymachine, the most addictive drug ever. Skateboarding, right in the veins.

Mandatory wall hanger for every skatepark in the universe.

*Note to self: insert catchy ARM idiom to announce this new 8.125" Toy Machine Sect Arm deck.

1) Give your right arm for this board.

2) This board will not cost an arm and a leg.

3) Receive this new board with open arms.

4) This new board is like a shot in the arm.

5) Twist your Mom's arm to buy you this new board.

Posted August 25th, 2014
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Ed Templeton – Skateable Sculpture Photobook Museum Cologne

Ed Templeton went to Cologne for the opening of the Photobook Museum and created a skateable scultpure. Altough it look really nice, that thing was tough to skate.

[Filmed: Max Pack & Stefan Schwinghammer | Edit: Stefan Schwinghammer]
Posted August 25th, 2014
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The Ed Templeton Scrapbook Part Two: Capture

Second episode of three-part series hanging out with HUCK#46 cover star Ed Templeton at his home in Huntington Beach, supported by Emerica. Like the film? Hit Subscribe & help Huck make more. http://bit.ly1qivqh7

Posted August 22nd, 2014
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TEE HEE x Tum Yeto section

"Tee Hee" a video by Tum Yeto filmer Don Luong and Furnace Skateshop.

Tum Yeto bro section features: Jeremy Leabres, Ed Templeton, Collin Provost, Billy Marks, Matt Bennett, Josh Harmony, Johnny Layton, Dakota Servold, Joey Ragali, Aaron "Jaws" Homoki, and Ryan Spencer. Tee Hee DVD available at Furnace Skateshop and here!

Watch Foundation Skateboards new PRO Taylor Smith's video part from Tee-Hee too.
Posted August 20th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson
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Ed Templeton Scrapbook Part One: Skate

A new three-part series hanging out with HUCK#46 cover star Ed Templeton at his home in Huntington Beach, supported by Emerica.
Posted August 14th, 2014
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