News From March 2006

My friend Ari had a show in Australia...

It was all Xerox copies...
Image DescriptionImage Description
You can see The galleries' website by clicking thier name: PERKS AND MINI, aka PAM

Or check out Ari at this website: CLICK HERE, bungwipe
Or just Google his ass...
Posted March 31st, 2006 by Andy Warhol had erectile dysfunction
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At work on the RVCA ANP Quarterly Magazine...

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This is Aaron Rose and Brendan Fowler, and you can see Casey Holland on the computer in the background...

These are the people who make it happen. We are figuring out our 4th issue of the magazine...
Here is the KEY TO THE PHOTO

Check the Magazine's website HERE
AND Brendans's website RIGHT NOW!
Posted March 30th, 2006 by Mary Cassat wanted to surf but never did
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Sketchbook page from a Toy Machine tour...

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For the 4 people who get this far into the website...
Posted March 29th, 2006 by Jimmy Kimmel is impotent
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An evening in Paris from the Pompidou Center

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They lit up the Eiffel Tower with sparkly lights, it was really nice. I was there for the William Klein photo exhibition...
If you want to really photo-nerd out, you gotta get this DVD about photojournalists called: CONTACTS Vol. 1
It totally rules. Perhaps you can NetFlix it? (I just checked, you can. Just type in "Contacts")

Here is a shot from earlier the same evening... these are totally shitty digi-cam shots, so give me a break!
Posted March 28th, 2006 by Micha Barton has vaginal warts
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I went to the beach today...

...where they were having this Paintball tournament. They have Paintball pros, just like skating or BMX. I heard a guy talking to his friend; "I'll see you in Vegas, I'm not going to Tampa..." These guys travel around the world doing these competitions! They are part of "Teams." one of them was called "Extreme something..." and one was called "Trouble." The people who came to watch looked pretty sketchy. I know that sounds lame, but I have been to surf contests and skate contests down there, and the crowd is very different. There was even Paintball "Betty's" for lack of a better word, that were in skimpy clothes and covered in splattered greasy paint from paintballs all over their cleavage and thighs. I was wondering if this was a Paintballers' dream to have paintball splattered women hurling themselves at their feet? They would get their bodies signed by the Paintballers. There was a booth there that was called "Paintball Pin-ups" and featured posters of hot models outfitted in the most ridiculous bathing suits, and then with goggles and holding a paintball gun. One company hired a stretch limo Hummer, and they placed their logos all over it with magnets to make it look like they really owned and rolled in a yellow Hummer limo. The driver was sleeping in the front seat. I saw Pancho Moler at the "Monster extreme" drink booth. I can't really remember what the name was, but it was some kind of Extreme beverage. There was an energy drink company called "Bawls." It is like a paintball themed RedBull. They hired girls who were also scantily clad and outfitted with tattoos just above their rear ends who yelled out, "Pick up some free Bawls! Touch your Bawls right here!"
I'm just saying it was weird.

Here is a photo for you to look at. It is a detail of this wooden head I painted.
Use it to clear your memory of the above paragraph...
Image Description
Posted March 27th, 2006 by Will Farrell has hair extensions
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I found an OTTO DIX painting...

Image Description
While perusing the National Gallery in London's Trafalgar square...
This guy rules.
Check out a detail of it RIGHT HERE...
Posted March 27th, 2006 by Ryan Seacrest forgot to wipe
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From the pages of my sketchbook...

Image Description
Some photos that a kid gave me many years ago...
Posted March 24th, 2006 by Albert Camus could't balance a checkbook
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As Requested, more sketchbook stuff...

This was the head from the opening sequence in Good and Evil.
We scanned it, flipped it, and gave it a new swirly word bubble.
Image Description
Some text was blurred, it's my diary, what do you expect?
Posted March 24th, 2006 by farenhiet 911 the temperature
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A Skate Stigmata while in Spain...

Image Description
I forget what year...
Posted March 23rd, 2006 by a change from politics
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Go see V for Vendetta...

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The Obvious parallels between the movies' story and present day America are hard to miss.
I think it is important to take this movie as a waring sign in movie form. A form that today's youth can manage.
I never see kids at the skatepark reading newspapers if you know what I mean. There is a strong suggestion in the movie about the 9/11 terroist attacks on the World trade Center in NYC...
In the movie a horrific "act of terrorism" was blamed on innocent people who were labeled terroists and executed, when in fact it was the very government of the country that did this act on its own people, to stir up fear, and take away civil liberties. The similarities between 9/11, Saddam, and the patriot act are brutal. Go see it, think about it with what is going on today here in the USA, then register to vote.
Posted March 19th, 2006 by the dire wolves at our heels
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Animal Collective in San Diego...

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Went the other night to see Animal Collective. My friend BARR opened up for them.
Posted March 16th, 2006 by increasingly lame man of narrow time visions
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The Evens in San Diego...

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Miki Vuckovich shot this photo of The EVENS and you can see Deanna and me, along with Bob Burnquist rocking in the audience... It's kinda old, last year, but I just re-found it.
If you don't have their record, you are Bumming.

Another Photo From that night shows me discussing the finer points of the Evens with musician BARR, aka Brendan Fowler...
Posted March 15th, 2006 by whatever, ok, whatever
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Skateboard Photography Exhibition in Norway!

If you are living in Scandinavia or northern Europe, lets say, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, or are planning a trip north into Scandinavia then stop by Norway to see this big museum show! I think there might be a big skatepark nearby PLUS you can see the worlds biggest skatepark which is somewhere in Sweden. Here is a link to the Museum: I WANT TO SEE IT. They don.t have an English version or their website, so you will just have to be content with reading the names of the people in it.
Posted March 15th, 2006 by the bell tolls for me, I am coming
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write your name all over the world

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The real one, not the robot...
Posted March 14th, 2006 by ruiner of bathroom walls
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Former Toy rider puts up great photo website!

Click his name to see it>>>JON McGRATH
Posted March 13th, 2006 by Edwina P. Rogres
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My friend Cel has some work in Lemonade Mag...

Check it out HERE!
She shoots fashion stuff, and her link is under our LINKS page...
Here is a painting I did of her in 2004:
Image Description
Posted March 7th, 2006 by blow it out yer buns
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A razor-wire fin of hair ridged his head...

Image Description
This is a photo French Fred took of me while on a skate trip to his home town in Lyon, France.

Check out his great website by clicking RIGHT HERE...
Posted March 7th, 2006 by why even try? I know the answer.
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Ed has a small interview on

SCOPE IT by clicking the word "Scope it."<<<
Posted March 6th, 2006 by Ed promoting Ed, what a loser...
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The Missing Link...

Image Description
The lovely Taylor could not attend my art show, so she went on her own to get a shot next to the portrait I did of her. Thanks Taylor!

You want to see a photo I took of these girls together? Click STACY AND TAYLOR

Look in the archives to see the other people next to their portraits...
Posted March 4th, 2006 by Sweet and Tender Hooligans get epicly later'd
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List of Newly Aquired Photo Books...

1. African Image, by Sam Haskins (gift from Thomas Campbell)
2. Out & About, by Ari Marcopoulous
3. Self, Life, Death, by Noboyoshi Araki
4. Svitani, by Bohdan Holomicek
5. Fotografo in Siberia, by Giuseppe Tornatore
6. The Photographer at Work, by Harry Callahan
7. Farewell to Bosnia, by Gilles Peress
8. Christine Furuya-Gossler, Memories, 1978-1985, by Seiichi Furuya
9. Lodz Ghetto Album, by Henryk Ross
10. RYU U SE KI, by Noboyoshi Araki
11. Territories et Vies, by Sebatiao Salgado
12. William Klein, by WIlliam Klein (some japanese edition)
13. Torsi, Jeanloup Sieff
14. Beat and Pieces, (about Beat culture) with photos by Allen Ginsberg
Posted March 3rd, 2006 by Book-nerds unite and take over the world so softly
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Look at this Doosh-Bag...

Image Description
Beautiful Losers in Milan Italy.
Posted March 3rd, 2006 by Seasons Greetings!
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The Elusive Barry McGee...

Image Description
Spraying "Smash_______________" on the wall in Spain...
Posted March 2nd, 2006 by fan-boy 3000 arts out
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