News From December 2008

Another year comes to an end.

It means absolutely nothing.

But it gives you something to write about, something to fill some space with...

Wait someone's at the door...

I'm back. It was two women dressed fairly nice with nice overcoats and each one had a purse. They were standing shoulder to shoulder on my porch as I looked through the peep hole. I wanted to open the door, but I was completely naked. I get up at about 11 lately, and walk over to the computer naked to update the website. So I couldn't open the door. I watched them walk off. But then I noticed there was a package on my porch too, and I wanted to get it, but I am too lazy to get dressed just for that. So I came back to this...
The complete 50's family. That is my Mother, the youngest, on the left. My aunt Margie and Uncle Bob, and my grandparents. Somewhere from that time to now there was a fast acting mutation that radically changed everything... I think if we don't step back and take a look we might forget that we are living in those times right now.

Posted December 31st, 2008 by The late 90's early 2000's picture perfect family is history...
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Grandfather in the Swimsuit Issue?

A friend called him and said, "Hey you're in the sports illustrated swimsuit issue!"
And my grandmother said, "Nice try buddy, you're not buying that trash..."
But it was true. (this was in the mid-90's)(You can tell by the Kathy Ireland on the cover, 1994 to be exact.)
It was an article about a player on his team who eneded up be a very famous coach. My Grandfather played the center position, just like Shaq does today. He was the BMOC it turns out. He was voted "Best Physical Specimen" in the class of 1938.
Posted December 30th, 2008 by And he got the prettiest girl too...
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For you today I offer some crack...

Not the cocaine style crack, but good ol' American butt-crack.
Posted December 29th, 2008 by Brad Pitt never gave a moustache ride in his life
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Christmas Eve with Young Sophia...

She has this Santa Claus with a microphone and speaker. And mixed with her new Hanna Montana microphone keyboard, we cleared the adults out real quick with a serious racket.
"JIngle bells / Batman smells / Robin laid an egg / Mr. Hooper laid a pooper / and spoiled Christmas day, Hey!"
"JIngle bells / Sophia smells / fifteen miles away / blows her nose in Cheerios / and eats them every day, Hey!"
Imagine that on decibel 11 and set to some god-awful pop song beat and some 6-year-old organ skills.
Then it quickly degenerated into her trying to fart into the microphone.
Keep it classy Sophia!
Sophia gives her pasta a good scolding.
Childhood, such a magical fleeting tragedy.
Posted December 27th, 2008 by Hurry New Years I want normalcy!
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Post Christmas Haze

I am recovering by doing nothing today.

I will prepare some photos for the blog tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this video.
Posted December 26th, 2008 by My grandparents RULE
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Its a WET Christmas for the first time in ages...

And up in the mountains, it got plenty of snow...
Posted December 25th, 2008
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Blessed art thou who visit this site...

And Happy Holidays to all of you.
Deanna hated her face so I had to photoshop a new one on...

Ed got Epicly Later'd-!

Posted December 24th, 2008 by May your Holiday Season be the most bestest it can
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A trip to HB high: Belated Part 3

Mr. Harward's car had a faded Toy sticker on it...
The silkscreen that Edwin Carungay (another old skate buddy of mine from 1986, 87) was working on.
There has to be order.
Some of the kids' screen projects...
Looks like there are some skaters in his class.
The ring wraith's make sure nobody is being a "smart-alec."
Mr. Harward just sliced up a red bell papper and started chomping it. Then it became art.
A classroom scene.
"That flash is so bright."
Crayons. The backbone of child art development. Buy some Crayons today!
Posted December 23rd, 2008 by This cold will snap and things will be nice
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De-Installing Map of the Inner War

Moving these beasts was a comedic semi-ordeal...






Yuval was crating things to be sent overseas...
The last little guys left.
Thanks to Roberts and Tilton Gallery, you are all the best people.

My next show will be March 19th in Antwerp, Belgium at Tim Van Laere Gallery.
Book your flights now!
Posted December 22nd, 2008 by Reviews or not, I feel loved sometimes
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You get by with a little help...

What could I be possibly giving a hundred dollars to Dennis McGrath for?
Posted December 21st, 2008 by You may never know because of that chilly reception
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Disneylandia Corporatus: My Disease is Crippling

OK, so I went to Disneyland bacuase we had bought passes since we live so close and this was the last day we could go for free before our passes expired.
We went with DIsney-o-phile's Kevin Christy and his oh-so-fine girlfriend Laura, and our good pal Ashley Snow...
So that photo of Laura above is on the Haunted Mansion ride, it broke down halfway through and we were stuck looking at the clock with the creepy hand shadow for 5 minutes. When I looked over the back of our car, I finally got to the bottom of the creepy hand shadow. So simple right?
Of course we rocked Pirates...
Splash Mountain is Deanna's favorite ride. She brings ponchos for us so we don't get wet. The funny thing about this photo is that Laura actually wasn't aware somehow that we were on a huge stomach curling drop, she is actually snacking on a chocolate covered pretzel while going down! Deanna is freaking out, we are all stoked and happy, and she is just eating a snack.
Here's a close-up...
Have you ever watched Fantasia? What an acid trip. Look how chaotic it is. Seriously epic.
Then the fireworks display. They don't play around.
and Blue...
Stoked onlookers. That is Big Thunder Mountain in the background. So many people die on that ride. We went on it against our better judgement, and it stopped 3 seconds into it and lurched backward. We all shit our pants.
Ashley and Deanna by Sleeping Beauty's castle...
Laura started getting freaky in line for Space Mountain...
She fell into the other people. I think they thought we were taking a special kid around.
Then we get up to the front and I say to Deanna, "Hey check out those twins..." And then I see frickin' Hugh Hefner sitting on the very seat I was about to get on! And those twins were his new girlfriends!
I shot a renegade photo just for you web lurks. Weird.
Space Mountain Fast Pass. Dude in the front row: "I'm gonna fully blog this ride..."
Then we needed to go shop-browsing for Kevin...
He really wanted this jacket. It was for little boys, but we found an extra large. It was so cool in front, but in back...
A deal-breaker of a logo.
Laura was perplexed.
Ashley was impressed, but the lady walking by----------was not.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
Posted December 20th, 2008 by This is my weekend post, love it or leave it.
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A trip to HB high: Part 2

Mr. Harward has weird stuff everywhere. His class must be seen by the other teachers as a little loopy. Perfect for an art class.
Today is prety hectic, I don't have time to post a lot.

I went to Disneyland last night, and will be making a sweet D-Land post later..............stay tuned.....

Posted December 19th, 2008 by dude I dismantle my show today
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A trip to my old high school: Part 1

So, one of these fine people who are teachers at Huntington Beach High School is my old skate buddy from the very same high school.
Can you guess which one it is?
You are right if you chose THIS guy, Matt Harward.
He has all sorts of stuff decorating his classrooms, some of which are skateboards he designed for various companies like Channel One, and TV (my old company before Toy Machine...) I asked him if having the boards on the wall give him street-cred, and he said not really because the kids never heard of those companies...
I think he bought this with school money for his class.
It has a penis...
...That can be removed when the parent-teacher night happens.
Pretty badass having a teacher pal, maybe I can go and use the silkscreen room they have?

Check out Deanna Templeton's Blog

Bonus Links: A generation of nit-wits

and: 5 Songs that didn't make it into Toy Machine videos...
Posted December 18th, 2008 by Mr. Messerscmitt, I wonder if he knows
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File Under: Skating, so hot right now, Skating

"OK, work it Sebastian..."
"take the skateboard, make love with it..."
"Fuck it!, Fuckit!"
"Go Balls deep with it, man, work it hard..."
"Spritzer boy, Where is my spritzer boy?"
"I need more mist!"
"Man, that was a great fuck, anyone got a cig?"

I guess this is the exact opposite of a girl writhing around on the hood of an expensive sports car...
Posted December 17th, 2008 by plop down and watch it all happen
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Been a busy morning, and blogging wasn't...

in the cards for me.
Buy Deanna's book at the RVCA online store, its better than looking at blogs.
And Deanna has a blog too if you didn't know... Bookmark it.
I am on a slide show mission this week. Come see another slide show at los angeles city college, isn's that a good skate spot?

I never saw this skatebook thingy on me! Thanks to all the people who spoke kind words about me, --so touching.

Posted December 16th, 2008 by Hey diddle diddle the cat in the hat
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Life rolls on, control rarely grasped

Went to my freind Kevin Christy's art opening the other night. (I also went to a Mike Mills opening and a Raymond Pettibon opening but neglected to shoot any photos, hence, I am a terrible "blogger")
His art is really good.
Ashley was perterbed by it all.
Life behind the Orange Curtain...
Blood relatives come in for a reunion of sorts, mishaps are few, talking is few.

The slide show went well, I was nervous before, then the lights went out and I couldn't stop talking. Go Figure.
Thanks to Family Books for having me.
Posted December 15th, 2008 by Smile, you are being listened to by a strange couple
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Slide show, Blah, Blah...

Perhaps you will come to the slide show, perhaps not.

Family Books.
Posted December 14th, 2008 by Things were better blah, blah, blah...
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Saturday is a fine day for a family lunch...

ET sighting...
Woman puts on Make-up.

Today is the LAST DAY of my Exhibition-!!!!

This SUNDAY I am doing a Slide Show / Talk at Family Bookstore in LA. It's FREE and open to the public.
Posted December 13th, 2008 by So Shallow I don't even have Facebook...
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Stuff in Target: Part 3

This was on a folder inside Target. Expert symbol combination used to sell to middle-school kids. The skull is what the kids want on thier folders, god forbid drawing your own, but the parent will see the be-dazzled skull with a rose background and feel its safe enough. "Fabulous death smells sweet?"
Robot Incredible Hulk. "Vehicle to Hero" that leaves me speechless.
"Mom, I want this folder!"
"Why? the one you have is fine."
"But this one is "good for the environment!"
"Since when did you care?"
"I dunno, I just like being in the green room..."
"What does that mean?"
Practice now for your inevitable slut-dom. You can't get an early enough start. Belly ring, butt tattoo, pierced eyebrow and tongue. Get a jump on future regret!
Hey, I'm a just a guy. Uncle James has a record out!
Cat Torture.

In other news: I got a bad review in the LA Times!

Come to my Slide Show at Family Bookstore this Sunday.
Here is a Pre-Veiw of the slide show:
"The self isn’t just a subtext to a Templeton show, it’s the main event. His photographs and paintings chronicle his  life and travels. Bits of gossip, protestations of loyalty, pithy and pretentious observations, manifestations of love, records of bruises, and rants about politics and religion spill together with all the confessional depth of a Facebook page."

Posted December 12th, 2008 by I'll try harder next time? Wait, thats the problem.
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Tripping in Target: Part 2

It's like shooting fish in a barrel.
Try not to make yourself an easy target, choose skateboarding.
Do I even need to say anything?
Who is this speaking to? That's right, target your advertising text at the person buying the stuff, your Mom.
"Gee, my boy is pretty aggresssive, I need to get him some of these for protection."
Since when is a simple description a selling point worth printing on your product? It's like shopping for a car with a sign that says, "Car, with Rubber Tires, Glass windshield." Green Transparent wheels! Finally!
For the tighter budget: You only get one kick-tail, and your wheels are PVC, yikes! Reminds me of my first skateboard. My grandfather refused to buy from a skateshop, no doubt thinking, "Why spend top dollar for a good board when he probably won't be into skateboarding next week?" SO I got the plastic wrapped board from the sporting goods store. a Nash.
Spiderman shoots a web over your eyes with this advertising text. (just in case you were not sure, it's a) SKATEBOARD, "PP Trucks" this means absolutely nothing. Again with the PVC wheels. You wouldn't put PVC coping on your ramp would you?
You have been warned! Don't sue us when your kid breaks his face while using our shitty products!
Welcome to the mainstream. This is like Coca-Cola using Charles Manson to endorse their products. (in my mind at least)
Keep an eye out for some "Official Sheckler Merchandise", or maybe "P-Rod Pro Products."
In comparison, T-Hawk uses some of the correct language (see the 'bearings' line...) But then includes a line for the "5 Huck Jam stickers"...
Here is one of those stickers. I wonder how much they cost to make? Added Value!
It hurts!

Yes, I have a part 3 coming too. But it's just about other strange products.

Come to my Slide show this Sunday at Family Bookstore!

Woodstock, NY

Jen from Guam...

Posted December 11th, 2008 by Bill Murray likes hookers on his______________?
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A trip to Target for Christmas shopping...

At first everything was normal, looking for presents for some kids in my family. Then I started noticing the continued influence of skateboarding on product marketing, and how off kilter it is compared to real skateboarding. It seems like the only elements needed to make something "skate" is a kid and a skateboard. They don't have to be doing anything at all really, as long as there is a board and a kid.
Like this folder: A photo of a dude dropping in on a ramp. Really? No tweaked Christ-Air? No Aerial period? Diminished expectations.
Again, A kid and a skateboard. What is he doing? Did they just get a trampoline and set it up in a studio? This was a huge poster! The kid is doing absoluetly nothing. I little piece of me died when I saw this.
Oh yeah, you can tell by the dirt on my wheels that I'm gnarly. And if you weren't sure, look at my face. Do I look like I am messing around? The clothing below me is for "serious" skaters only. If you can't party like me, then don't even shop here.
The same goes for me. What he said but with snowboarding.
Now that I can buy a mini Hubba Hideout, why would I need to hone my skills, take a trip out to San Francisco, and possibly get hurt trying to skate the real thing? Stupid! I can just sit on my ass and play fingerboard on it. Then when my fingers are warmed up, I'll get 48 million points on my skateboarding video game.
Then I went over to the sporting goods area and saw some very interesting stuff. Great ideas for Toy Machine ads actually! Sneaky meaningless catchphrases is what we are all about!
"Huck Jam" 5 inch "heavy Duty" "heat treated" trucks? What does that mean?
Wheels are a "pro street/park" shape? The shaps is good for both street AND park! Perfect!
9 plys? And wait, the SHAPE is "pro concave w/ double kicktail"? Sweet.

I will be doing a slide show this Sunday at Family bookstore in LA. I can answer any questions you may have and sign books too.

And for you people from the northeastern USA, I am in a show at the Center for Photography at Woodstock if you feel like getting out there!

And check out the coverage of the SLAP Portfolio show!

And a binus link: Memory-Screened.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my trip to Target tomorrow...
Posted December 10th, 2008 by Winona Judd smuggles dildos on planes
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Out skating with the homies...

We went out skating and Austin got a ticket, poor guy. Somehow no one else got one, just Austin. It didn't help that we were skating a Police Station, a cop just walked out and pointed at him, and told him to "come in."
It figures that this was the public art right across the street. You may be able to understand why the cops in this town are dicks, they look at this every morning on thier drive out of the station and shout, Hiel Hitler!"
He shows us his new debt to society...
Kevin wonders if there are "No Skateboarding" signs posted. There wasn't. I smell a challenge coming on...
We then went to the top of a hill to see this view. The clouds were parting a small hole that shined a beam of light onto the surface of the ocean indicating where the treasure is hidden, like the amulet in Indiana Jones.
Grif started getting all Karate Kid...
Then morphed into yoga moves...
Then started getting all surfy, hanging ten.......... then only five....... he's that good.
Toes on the Noooooooose, brah !!!
In case you weren't sure, this is an "Art" photograph. Look for it blown up 8 feet wide in my next show, along with other blurry photos.

I am doing a slide show at Family Bookstore in Los Angeles this Sunday the 14th...
They sell Deanna's new book 17 Days there too!

PS: The Archives are Back up...

Posted December 9th, 2008 by Jimmy Arrighi hates Mexicans
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My Book Signing in LA

The signing at Arcana went smoothly this last Saturday. I signed a plentitude of Deformers, and Deanna signed her new book, 17 Days. (Check it out here)
Look how 'posed' this one is...
Jen from Guam showed up, having FLOWN FROM THE ISLAND OF GUAM to see my exhibition and come to this book signing---!!!!!!! Guam is out there. Thanks Jen for making that epic trek!
Guess who showed up to say HI? Thats right, Steve Robert. You may be asking, who the fuck is Steve Robert? Well he lived on the same street as Deanna growing up, and is one of my old skate buddies from HB. Plus, he was in Rubbish Heap.
Justin Regan came to show support. He was my boss over at Emerica for years, now he runs Altamont. We went to high school together and I skated with him every day...
This is Justin's lovely wife Bethany...
This cute Japanese couple came in with thier two adorable daughters, and had us hold them for a photo! I was like a creey Santa and my girl looks like she is about to cry! Deanna tickled her girl, good move. Go buy stuff at Arcana! Art books make great Christmas presents. You can learn from them, and they make you look smart and interested in stuff.
Posted December 8th, 2008 by Malcolm McClaren had a Mohawk Fetish
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On Sundays, nobody comments at all...

Leading me to believe that not too many people come on Sundays, or the weekend for that mater. People should be out enjoying the lives they set up for themselves anyway. So here is a little taste from the archives:

During the contest in England, 1995 maybe, The first year the Northhampton contest moved down to Wembley Arena, I started trying to shoot photos of poeple slamming. I wanted the exact moment of impact, but often failed. Everyone was jumping these two ramps pushed far apart, and there were more slams than makes, so I just camped out at the bottom of the landing ramp and shot people...

03-04 Markovich Slamming UK.jpg
Markovich, UK
03-04 Cardiel Slamming UK.jpg
Cardiel, UK
03-04 Moses Slamming UK.jpg
Moses, UK
03-04 Unknown Slamming UK.jpg
I forget who this was...
Posted December 7th, 2008 by Peter Fonda Likes Clothes from Baby Gap
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Book signing today!

Posted December 6th, 2008 by Chris Tucker was a wannabe Urkle
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Is there still room for an HB Park Update?

Rode my bike by the HB park yesterday and peeked my camera over the fence to see what was happening.
You would never know there was once a skatepark here. They are buliding some new stuff. Probably a snack-bar for football games or something.
I spent so much time in this spot. It's sorta wierd for me to see it like this.
BONUS PHOTO: Sent to me by Eric Nakamura from Giant Robot. He found a T-Sect potato!

Tommorrow! Deanna and I will be signing books over at Arcana Books in Santa Monica!
Come buy one and have it signed, or bring your book from home!
Posted December 5th, 2008 by Mike Farrell of TV's MASH likes dildos too
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Another trip into the Archives:

06-02 Mike blows smoke.jpg
Maldonado takes a smoke-break. That stuff will kill you. 1999
06-01 Kerry Getz with Passport.jpg
Kerry shows me his Brazilian visa in his passport. 1999
17-19 Dismay sign Barcy.jpg
Self explanatory. Spain.
17-20 Self Port with Austin.jpg
With Austin, 2004 I think... Filming for Good and Evil.
17-37 Angry Woman Barcy.jpg
Now I can't remember if I posted these before... Did I? I know I posted stuff from this trip before...
17-31 Angry lady 01.jpg
You know in Good and Evil when Austin wallies straight up a pole? Well this lady was sorta freaked out and wanted to tell us all about it.
17-31 Angry LAdy Spain.jpg
Kevin is sure she knows what she's talking about...
17-36 Hooded man glasses Barcy.jpg
Barcelona de Espana
17-33 Jon kevin spain 3.jpg
Humphries and Kevin...
17-33 Jon and Kevin spain.jpg

17-22 Kevin mirror spain.jpg

17-22 Kevin jon mirror 2.jpg

17-25 Josh and Austin 2004.jpg
Josh and Austin rolling deep in Spain.
17-22 Self Portrait Spain.jpg

17-36 cross eyed girl Barcy.jpg
Two photos from Spain...
Posted December 4th, 2008 by post a comment, its fun!
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Just when you wished it stopped: It Didn't

All seven of you who visit this web-log...








Ed with the illustrious Tobin Yelland...




daniel-show copy.jpg

slowly morphing back to regular view...

Still time to see the show...

Also: There is this over at Skateboarder.

OH, And don't forget the Ed and Deanna Templeton book signing this weekend! 4 o'clock this Saturday the 6th...

Posted December 3rd, 2008 by Contrary to popular belief, Oprah is gay
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Oh, there's more...

HEY, I will be signing books this weekend in LA...
Starting at 4:00 at Arcana Books in Santa Monica. Come and get a book signed!
Deanna will be there signing her books too!
They make great Christmas gifts!








Yup, a young Greco, just starting on a new path.


Zoey, MIke's dog...
Posted December 2nd, 2008 by Martin Short really is a Martian
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Back to the Detail Board...










Get directions to the show here... ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT to see it~!!!!!!!!!!
www.Roberts and

Posted December 1st, 2008 by Barbara Walters often engages in 3-ways
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