Halloween Mega-Post of Doom: Part 3

I left the demo on Halloween and drove straight to Disneyland, (that Corporate Mega-Behemoth I have fond childhood memories of...) Where we met up with Kevin and Laura, who are both heavy Disneyland aficionados. On the way we stopped at a coffee shop where I shaved my stash off because it made me feel creepy.
After the fireworks went off all the moms and their little kids thinned out and we were able to run around getting on all the rides with minimal lines. Since I think I broke a rib I was hoping that the rides were not gonna hurt. Mostly they didn't. but Indiana Jones did. That one was bitter sweet. It was literally one minute before the park closed and we ran onto it with no line!
We got a last minute Pirates of the Caribbean in too!
Earlier we were trying to find vegan food in Tomorrowland and suddenly the rock band that was playing started doing a Quiet Riot / Twisted Sister mish-mash song. You can see the look on Laura's face that some serious rocking is about to go down.
Kevin proceeded to administer a face-melting air-guitar solo...
While Laura danced along, much to the delight of Deanna and me.
For Splash Mountain, Deanna came prepared with a poncho. It is her favorite ride.
This was our photo. I did my usual 'pondering something heavy while riding a log-ride' face. Everyone else was loving it!
Our Space Mountain shot is much different, Deanna is in complete terror, and I blinked! See the guy with a Mr. Happy shirt in the front row and his wife? They were behind us in line and got into a serious marital dispute. They were yelling and fighting with each other and cussing. It got pretty brutal. They were English. And he kept saying, 'Why are you having a go at me?' I know the 45 minute wait to get on can be a bitch, but you would think that their worries would have melted away once they sat down on the coaster. But they obviously hated every second of it. When we looked at the photos posted on the wall after the ride, Laura pointed at the guy looking pissed with a Mr. Happy shirt on and was cracking up, then turned around and there he was watching us have a laugh at his expense. Yikes!

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