Events From May 2010

Toms Skateshop, Amsterdam

When you go to A-Dam for hookers, weed, and skating, visit Toms!
Of course I joke about the Hookers and Weed, but not the skating. There is so much more to Amsterdam than those things! Museums, History, Beautiful Canals, The Anne Frank house, sweet skatespots too. And where can you go to get a sweet Toy Machine fix?
Toms skateshop
Damstraat 32
1012JM Amsterdam
opening hours:7 days a week.
mon-sat: 10.00 till 18.00
sundays: 12.00 till 18.00
Leader responsible for hanging the Toy decks is Hans Dijs. Helpers Mitch and Niels
Posted May 7th, 2010 by so much more
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