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ed templeton

Good & Evil USA premieres.

This is a wrap up from all the US shops that held premieres over the weekend and all the critics agree...

Howie from Satallite 13 in Cinncinati - "the new tm. video soooooooo hot right now!!!!!!!!"

Rob from Plus Skateboarding in Detroit - "We had over 200 kids at
the movie theater down the street from the shop. Kids
were getting hyped! I'd say Good and Evil matches Welcome to Hell.
Everybody has great parts, and good music. Those
backside Barley grinds have to be called Bennett
grinds! That shit is unbelievable! Artsy, but not too artsy. Fucking RAW, but fun. The
cartoon is rad! You had some high standards to live
up to and I think you did."

Posted November 15th, 2004 by el ztaffo
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Posted By: Wendyvaf on December 24th, 2016 at 01:29AM PST
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