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Blake Carpenter Interview


Rick Blake Carpenter


Switch Back Heel as seen in Cosmic Vomit. Photo: Patrick Driscoll

Goofy frontside and switch backside

Bad Habit:
Eating way too much

Where on planet earth did you come from?
Flagler Beach, Florida

How did you end up in Long Beach, Ca?
I started getting Toy boards because Billy Marks put in a good word. Before I knew it I was surfing on everyone's couches skating with Leo, Jlay, Matt B, Dakota, and pretty much every dude I've looked up too. Everyone helped me out a lot, especially Don Luong and Ryan O Connor!

How did you get to go on KOTR being flow trash at the time?
I was with the guys every day and JLay was injured, I got lucky.

Was that your introduction to the Toy Machine crew?
Yeah pretty much...give or take a couple weeks

Did anyone on Toy Machine not welcome you?
Of course not, they made me feel right at home
Switch flip as seen in Cosmic Vomit. Photo: Patrick Driscoll

Has Ed asked to paint you nude yet?
Maybe you'll see on Instagram soon

Would you let Ed paint you nude while you were taking a shit?
As long as we had a breathtaking view in the background
Why do you shit in public everyday?
Kevin Barnett said I might have "IBS"
Has anyone ever stepped or slammed in your shit?
Haha nah never, I'm real discrete

So Billy Mark is responsible for you riding for Toy Machine?
Yep, we met at Woodward when I was 14 and he hooked me up with wristbands for my elbows so I didn't have to wear pads. He got my number and we were Woodward buds for a couple years

Any words of wisdom for any kids trying to come up or should they just skate with Billy?
Skate with billy regardless, skate every single day, drink water, an take a damn shower
Blake up at Jlay's Big Bear retreat. Photo: Rodent
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