Toy Machine
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ed templeton
Rider Since:
Home Town: Naperville, IL
Resides: Long Beach, CA
DOB: September 15th, 1983
Sponsors: Toy Machine, RVCA, Fallen, PIG Wheels, Bro Style, Furnace
Bio: Born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hopped around the East coast and Midwest till about six. Moved to the Inland Empire 'till fourteen when my life was turned upside down and was moved to Chicago land. Met my wife Jenna and moved back to California around seventeen. Here now! Since Ed gave me a chance, I've been riding around the world learning more than I ever did in school. I have five guitars, been playin' since ten. Started skating around '93. I have two cats, Meow Meow and Elvis. The wife drives my old jeep and I usually cruise a '68 bus or a '76 Triumph Bonnie. I love music and finding a great record, or when a great album squeezes its way into your life like Zeppelin II. I am friends with Jesus Christ and thankful for my family and all the amazing people God has brought in my life.

Read This: Romans or John (from the Bible dumbass)

See This: Freaks and Geeks, King of The Hill."Bobby! Were goin' ta Whataburger!"

Hear This:
Led Zeppelin: (How the West Was Won), Devendra Banhart: (Cripple Crow), Built To Spill: (live), Rolling Stones: (Exile On Main Street)

Eat This: Toasted Eggo waffles with over med eggs on top! Cinnamon Life with honey! Spaghetti and meat balls with garlic bread! Sushi!

Skate This: "Go down to Chicago!"